Dr. Ray Rivera

Since 1964, Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera has served as pastor, preacher, denominational executive, organization founder and community builder. Throughout this time, he has modeled Christ-centered holistic ministry, particularly in an urban context. In 1992, he founded the Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC), which started as a division of the Manhattan-based NYC Mission Society, the city’s oldest and largest social service agency. LPAC began as Dr. Rivera struggled with the dichotomy of the secular versus the sacred. His vision was to develop an organization that dealt with social justice issues from a holistic perspective, thus merging the two. Over the years, he has provided leadership development and technical assistance to hundreds of churches and faith-based organizations around the country, and dozens have developed holistic community-based ministries, including spiritual care, after-school, youth development, and adult education programs. Ultimately, Dr. Rivera strives to strengthen the Four Pillars of Community Life: Families, Schools, Community-Based Organizations, and Churches.