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We Acknowledge Five Things:

  1. We seek to do God’s will, not ours, always seeking God’s direction.
  2. The world is constantly changing and our organization must have flexibility to confront those changes.
  3. Highly functioning organizations provide leadership opportunities for everyone within the organization.
  4. We challenge ourselves not to allow ego or selfishness to take the place of a shared organizational and team mentality for the sake of the common good.
  5. The culture of the organization is based upon the words, behaviors, and habits of those within the organization.

We Are Committed To:

I.   A Culture of Service and Humility:

  • We will seek first the will of God and justice for all not personal or  independent recognition.
  • We will serve as a team with respect and mutuality as a sign of our commitment to the leadership style of Jesus Christ.

II.  A Culture of Clear Mission, Vision, and Values (Strategic Commitments):

  • We will know the mission of NaLEC and measure our work against the mission.
  • We will establish clear priorities and goals that reflect our values and mission.
  • We will partner with organizations that reflect and share our commitments, values, and mission.

III. A Culture of Trust and Transparency:

  • We will speak the truth in love by sharing our perspectives honestly and openly.
  • We will seek to communicate effectively across the organization while acknowledging that transparency does not mean violating confidentiality or sharing information as a means for personal gain.
  • We will practice generous listening that acknowledges and respects differing perspectives and that creates a climate of civility and mutual respect.

IV.  A Culture that Celebrates Leadership: 

  • We will name and affirm leaders at all levels within the organization.
  • We will develop leaders at all levels within the organization.
  • We will celebrate individuals when they demonstrate adaptive leadership activities that lead to the accomplishment of goals and fulfillment of mission.

V.   A Culture of Ethics, Stewardship and Accountability:

  • We will create a realistic strategic plan with clear goals and outcomes.
  • We will identify clear roles and responsibilities to minimize duplication and waste.
  • We will create appropriate evaluation measures and hold ourselves as well as our team members accountable for the accomplishment of our goals and mission.

VI.  A Culture of Creativity and Transformation:

  • We will model behaviors that we are calling for in the world.
  • We will listen to new ideas, embrace diversity, and encourage critical thinking and change within the organization.
  • We will take action to implement change for the sake of mission.


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