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Nuestro Futuro is NaLEC’s Contribution to “My Brother’s Keeper” Call to Action

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) is mobilizing the Youth of America in our Nuestro Futuro Campaign.
The Nuestro Futuro Campaign has been designed to help educate our youth concerning civic engagement. NaLEC trains young people on voter registration, public speaking and advocacy. The intent is to mobilize and mentor a vast group of young men and women in their respective communities; giving them the tools to amplify their voices and concerns to their civic and national leaders Nuestro Futuro empowers young people to transform the culture and our country.

NaLEC youth trained and ready to visit Members of Congress and advocate for underprivileged youth

NaLEC youth in front of Capitol Hill advocating for the common good

NaLEC youth visiting the agricultural fields in Lakeland and interacting with migrant workers and their teenage kids


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