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Join NaLEC in Response to Border Crisis

The love of God compels us to feed the hungry, give to drink to the thirsty, invite the stranger, visit the sick and imprisoned.

Since 2012 the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the borders of the United States of America began to surge, mainly driven by an influx of children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  The main reasons cited are poverty, violence and family reunification. Under an anti-trafficking statute adopted in 2008, minors from Central America cannot be deported immediately and must be given a court hearing before they are deported. When a minor is caught, immigration starts a process, and assigns a short-term shelter. Children stay in a shelter and some are then placed with a family member or sponsor in the United States, where they remain during the process.

NaLEC is convinced that as evangelicals we cannot abandon our responsibility and Christian leadership in protecting the most vulnerable by denying trafficked and migrating children meaningful care. The REFUGIO campaign is dedicated to providing compassionate service and advocacy for the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors arriving to the Southwest border of the United States and beyond. REFUGIO is based on the Biblical imperative of hospitality and care for the widow, orphan, and stranger.

NaLEC, in partnership with Urban Strategies, responded to our calling as children of God to “invite the stranger”. The Refugio Program established 8 facilities and prepared shelter beds which will serve hundreds of children. Several of these sites include Nazarene churches, Assemblies of God churches and a Movimiento Internacional church.  God be praised for the opportunity.


  • The Refugio campaign is based on the principles of dignity, respect, and love for children – all of whom are created in the image of God.
  • Endorse the Refugio Advocacy campaign’s principles  to ensure that these unaccompanied minors receive humane treatment, appropriate legal representation, and advocates Biblical principles for legislation that will address the root causes of this crisis.
  • Partner with the Alianza Evangélica Latina and other allies in Latin America to call for governments in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to provide better security against the increased gang-violence while providing better promises of education for these children.
  • Advocate for US foreign policy that comprehensively addresses through aid and sustainable development some of the root causes of economic disenfranchisement.
  • Advocate for stronger laws against human-trafficking and exploitive practices of “coyotes” in the most adversely sending countries.


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