Hispanic Evangelicals Call for Change in Capital Punishment

In recent years there has been a resurging ground-swell around criminal justice reform. This resurgence has the broadest coalition of support I can remember. Signs abound that these are not just the usual suspects. Evangelical leaders are joining conversa

Faith in Action

Rev. Gabriel Salguero is the president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition and co-lead pastor of the Lamb’s Church in New York with his wife, Rev. Jeanette Salguero. He is also a Sojourners board member. http://sojo.net/biography/gabriel-sa

What Would Ted Cruz Do, Ask Pro-Immigration Evangelicals?

A tough stand on immigration is “not helpful to any candidate, Sen. Cruz, or anyone,” Salguero said. “Some of his possible challengers like (Jeb) Bush and (Sen.) Rand Paul have a position that is more conciliatory and willing to negotiat

Multi-Ethnic Churches Lament America’s Racial Injustice

The American church must do better in providing spiritual leadership toward a healing response. Throughout this past week the attention of our nation has been rightly set on Ferguson, Missouri. Tragedy and tensions in this small town have served to highli

Advent a Time to Hope and Fast for Immigration Reform

The Fast for Families is replicating the great public fasts in history for immigration reform in the hope of the Advent season. The Fast for Families is in keeping with a long biblical tradition of public fasting that seeks to move the conscience of a nat

The New Evangelical Ethic Around Immigration Reform

Over 150 prominent evangelical leaders have signed on to a national letter asking for common-sense immigration reform. Recently, I was privileged to be a keynote speaker at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Flags. The topic that rallied evangelical

History Channel premiere: Why I support “The Bible”

As you probably noticed the History Channel’s epic mini-series “The Bible” trended big after its premier. The fact that one of Hollywood’s power couples Mark Burnett and Roma Downey produced this series is a witness that “The Bible” still cont