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Nalec’s Healthcare Campaign

With Close to 10 million uninsured Hispanics, many of them children, healthcare remains one of the national issues of our time. NaLEC has been instrumental in educating Hispanics/Latinos around the realities of healthcare.


With the roll out of the Health Insurance Marketplace in October 2013, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) partnered with Urban Strategies to take the lead on ensuring that Hispanic evangelicals and Latino communities across the United States became aware of and connected to health insurance coverage provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). NaLEC has coordinated local outreach in Hispanic evangelical communities that follows a two-prong approach on a grassroots and national level:


  • Outreach and Education: Collaborating with Urban Strategies to provide community leaders with accurate and culturally-contextualized information about Health Insurance Marketplaces in their state. We connected with influential Hispanic evangelical clergy leaders who are well known in their communities, making them effective cultural ambassadors for the ACA.
  • Enrollment Opportunities: Ensure individuals enroll in an insurance plan by connecting Navigators to events in places of worship or community settings.


Work with key Hispanic evangelical leaders to provide them with support and guidance on conducting ACA outreach in their communities. With a particular focus on culturally-sensitive and linguistically-appropriate trainings.Contextualize trainings so that they are meaningful and relevant to Hispanic evangelicals and Latino community leaders and members.Work with our partners to provide cultural competency training on Hispanic evangelical worldviews and perspectives on healthcare and well-being.

NaLEC fulfills a few critical needs. In the area of public health, we aspire to be a leader in improving public health through efforts inspired by our evangelical commitments. We do this in three distinct ways:

  1. advocacy around health-care initiatives that benefit underserved communities;
  2. health education and community outreach
  3. state and national advocacy on issues of access and faith-based partnerships.

NaLEC was a key advocate for the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  NaLEC has been commended and recognized nationally for our work with immigrant and underserved communities on issues of poverty, immigration, and education. NaLEC has partnered to promote the USDA’s “Mi plato” campaign and with First-Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiatives. NaLEC has been commended and recognized nationally for our work with immigrant and underserved communities on issues of poverty, immigration, and education. NaLEC’s leadership has met with the White House and Secretary Sebelius to discuss its outreach work to Latino evangelicals on issues of healthcare, immigration, and education. NaLEC’s commitment is to identify and convene key Hispanic evangelical leaders from our networks in states with large underserved communities and encourage them to host enrollment and outreach events. Once events are planned, NaLEC’s clergy on the ground collaborate with our partners to help them conduct the outreach or enrollment event. This structure has leveraged our resources and allowed us to have a national scope.


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